Getting together and organising the work

Step 1

STEP 1 - Getting together and organising the work

At the beginning, think about the content of your plan. To help you to get started, we’ve developed a Community Emergency Plan Template. You might also find it useful to review other communities’ plans and adapt them to suit you. See resources page link below. 

Preparing a Community Emergency Plan will need voluntary input from the community and the harnessing of local knowledge and resources. Click here for Community Emergency Plan Guidance, for advice on how to get key people together.

You might want to encourage local householders and businesses to develop their own emergency plans too. A family/householder emergency plan can help householders cope and reduce the support needed from the community. Valuable assets and resources can then be used to support vulnerable people in the community. You could share our Home Emergency Plan guidance with householders and businesses, to help them to prepare.