Community Development

Asset based community development

Community development underpins all our work here in Devon.

We work within the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) framework, which focuses on the strengths of communities and how they can be mobilised to achieve change. It recognises that there are many talented, energetic people in communities, as well as existing assets that could be repurposed or looked at in a different way to help overcome particular challenges. With the right support and guidance, communities can identify their own needs and develop their own initiatives, leading to long-term, sustainable, effective solutions that are community-driven. 

Our projects are creative activities, public events and local projects which engage communities with a whole range of issues that they want or need to address. 

We help communities to have a voice, develop a clear purpose, make an impact and achieve change. 

We aim to:

  • increase capacity of communities to manage change for the benefit of their members
  • reduce the incidence and impact of deprivation and disadvantage
  • inform communities and amplify their voice

We work with communities of place and of common interest, affiliation or identity to ensure that consideration is made of the diversity that exists. We build links with those external organisations that can help communities develop in a sustainable way and with those that need to know how to most effectively deliver services to a community. 

We gather evidence and data to ensure that providers of services can make informed decisions that reflect and understanding of a community's needs.

For more information or to discuss community projects please call 01392 248919 or email