Devon Community Resilience Forum

1st April 2018 - 31st March 2023

Devon Community resilience forum live events

Monday 12th september, East Devon (venue TBC): community emergency planning

Monday 19th september, Fremington: community emergency planning

Monday 14th November - Wednesday 16th November - online forum event, sessions over 3 days and evenings

Whole forum event: Monday 23rd may in north devon

We had an excellent day at the Devon Community Resilience Forum event in Filleigh. People came from all over the county (and beyond) to learn about community emergency planning, whole of society resilience, how to write a good grant application and much more.

Filleigh Village Hall Resilience Forum

As part of our aim to celebrate Devon's resilience, 6 volunteers received certificates marking their achievements in making a difference to the local community:

Paul Bailey from Burrington

Chris Underwood from Welcombe

Di Mitchell from Lynton

Richard Bence from Welcombe

Tanya Hussell from Filleigh

Mick Gates from Welcombe

The overall winner was Laura Camp from Chudleigh. You can see some of her achievements in bringing the community together and helping those in need on her Facebook page. 

Nora handing award to winner

Devon Community Resilience Forum Filleigh Event Presentations

Devon Communities Together

Met Office - Flood Preparation

Environment Agency - Understanding Flood Risk

Met Office - Community Resilience

Met Office - Communicating Weather

Environment Agency - Community Resilience Hub

Devon Community Resilience Forum

Devon County Council - Rapid Response 'type' Catchments

Talks and Workshops

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Community Resilience Awards - Nora Corkery 

The South West Resilience Hub Tom Dauben, Environment Agency

Behind the scenes at the Met Office Penny Tranter, Met Office

National Preparedness Commission

Social prescribing for ‘time in nature’ Anya Gopfert, Public Health Registrar, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

‘Managing Big Problems in Small Places (in rapid response type catchments), FCRIP’ Mikaela Dsouza Assistant Flood and Coastal Risk Officer, Devon County Council

Flood Warden Training The Environment Agency

Writing a good grant application Martin Rich, DCT

Helping Communities Help Themselves 

apply now for grant funding for 2022/23!

Apply now if:

  • You are preparing a community emergency plan or
  • You have recently submitted a community emergency plan and need practical help to implement it eg small scale works and equipment

click here to find out more about the available grants and to apply

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what is the devon community resilience forum?

Devon Community Resilience Forum supports communities to develop their community emergency plan; a document that guides community response in an emergency and helps communities to prepare. Community emergency plans are also uploaded to a secure website where they can be viewed by the emergency services, if there is an emergency in your community they will be able to view your plan and understand how the community may already be responding, where there is high risk, and what resources the community has.

Alongside supporting plan development we run twice yearly forum events to help increase your local resilience and network with other communities (the spring/summer event will be in-person and the winter event online).

A Community Reserve Volunteer is anyone who wants to help their local community if a large incident should occur, but is perhaps unable to commit to regular volunteering. No specialist skills are required and the volunteers can decide whether to respond to an incident on a case-by-case basis.

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  • Emergency Plans in Devon
    Have you completed yours? Take a look who has, then look at our help guides and templates to get yours started or finished.
  • Home Emergency Planning
    Are you prepared for flooding or another emergency event? Do you have a clear plan for your home and family?

9 Step Guide - Prepare, Respond, Recover


  1. Getting together and organising the work
  2. Knowing the unknowns
  3. Identifying skills and resources
  4. Legal Health Check
  5. Organising key facilities
  6. Keeping in touch
  7. Activating your emergency plan
  8. Taking control
  9. Testing your plan

click the map below to see Devon communities with up-to-date emergency plans

Map of Devon Communities with Emergency Plan