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Have you used Devon Maternity Services in the last few years or supported someone who has?

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Who are Devon Maternity Voices Partnership?

We are an independent working group of local families, NHS commissioners and healthcare providers who review maternity services and help develop maternity care. We feedback your positive and negative experiences to hospital trusts and NHS commissioners. 

We work closely with hospitals to help them write policy, guidelines and changes to services.  We are here to communicate your wants, needs and opinions. 

Why is this important?

Because your experiences of maternity services matters.

Because  your opinions matter.

Because everyone should feel respected and cared for.

Because the MVP can amplify your voice.

Because by working together we can make things better! 

What can you do?

Email us: and tell us about your experiences. What did you like about maternity services? What could be better? What improvements would you like to see? To find out how we use the info we receive please read our privacy statement

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Anonymous Feedback Form

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