Environmental Sustainability for your organisation

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Social and Community Enterprise
, Community Development
, Business and Marketing Support


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Course Description

This course is designed for any small to medium organisations across Devon who want to improve their environmental impact in a changing world. Cutting through the jargon, participants will learn how the current context around science, policy, and public attitude is likely to impact on their organisation. Participants will be introduced to a range of tools and approaches to measure and improve their organisation’s environmental sustainability, and will have the opportunity to apply these to their own circumstances and draft a feasible action plan.


By the end of the course you will;

  • Recognise the key elements of the current environment context, why it is being described as an emergency, how your organisation impacts and is impacted by this context, and the opportunities and risks associated with this.
  • Have defined an organisational vision for improved environmental sustainainability
  • Have clearly identified your organisation’s current areas of environmental impact
  • Understand common tools and measures of environmental sustainability which can provide ongoing monitoring and auditing
  • Have created the foundations of a clear plan to improve and measure environmental sustainability in your organisation


Dr. Louise MacAllister and Harry Bonnell

Louise is a project manager at Devon Communities Together. She has a PhD, MRes, and BA in human geography during which she studied sustainable development and auditing. Louise has experience leading environmental sustainability audits in the workplace, working with farmer groups to implement practice led sustainable improvements, and working with community groups around environmental issues.

Harry is community project officer at Devon Communities Together, skilled at helping groups and organisations in thinking through and implementing their development. With an educational background in social sciences and an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, he understands the current scientific, social and business context around sustainability.


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