Mission and Values

Devon Communities Together, the community council for Devon, is a champion for its people and environment - helping communities help themselves.


Our vision is of dynamic communities shaping their own futures.


Our mission is to inspire communities using our knowledge, networks, professionalism and enterprise.

Our Social Objectives

Our Key Social Objectives are to ensure communities: 

  • have increased capability, skills and confidence in addressing local issues
  • become more resourceful and resilient
  • are economically stronger
  • are healthier, more vibrant and inclusive, with improved wellbeing
  • are supported to develop strategies to protect and regenerate their natural environment

These are our benchmark for success and enable us to measure the impact of our work. Visit our Measuring our Impact page for copies of our impact reports and case studies that demonstrate the difference we're helping to make. .

Our Value & Aims

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Equality
  • Collaboration
We have accumulated a wealth of experience in helping communities resolve and progress the matters that are important to them