NHS X Rural Digital Health Inequalities

1st December 2021 - 31st March 2022

DCT collaborated with community health and wellbeing organisation, Wellmoor, on NHSX’s Digital Inclusion Pioneers Programme, to explore and understand the barriers to accessing online healthcare services. Funding was received to support discovery work with people living in our most rural communities - with particular focus on those living in the most deprived areas and those most geographically distant from our acute hospitals.

Throughout January, February and March, we worked to find out what people in Devon think of online consultations, particularly via video to discover why some people might not use this service. At the same time, we asked clinicians what a good consultation looks like for them and what skills/knowledge their patients need to make these appointments effective. 

The specific pathways that we  focused on were: Chronic Respiratory Disease; COPD; Early Cancer diagnosis (screening and early referral); Gastroenterology; Maternity; Mental Health MSK (painful bone and joint conditions). 

For more details, please contact Laura Dixon on laura.dixon@devoncommunities.org.uk Tel: 07943 861040.


The outcomes from the project will inform the development of a Digital Inclusion Strategy for Devon whilst also giving healthcare providers confidence in taking immediate action to addressing barriers to digital access.

The final project report is available here

Project partners