Listening Ear Events

The Listening Ear project will host two events.

The first is scheduled for 23rd February - we had a great event, thanks to those who attended!

The second is scheduled for 19th march 2021.

Places are limited so BOOK NOW!

This Webinar will bring together four speakers from Devon's Hospitality and Tourism sector to reflect on the pandemic. However this webinar is not just about reflecting on survival through the ups and downs, but also on growth, diversification, taking time for well-being, and finding hope for the future.

We will hear from:

Rick Turner from The Big Sheep: No stranger to adaptation and resilience, Rick had previously survived the 2001 foot and mouth pandemic to go on and thrive. Rick is not only a successful business owner, but an expert on happiness having been the keynote speaker at the UK Happiness Conference. He will bring insights from positive living, post traumatic growth, and his own experiences that can help you start thinking positively towards the future for your own enterprise.

James Parkinson from The Duck: James' family run pub had only been trading for a year before the first lockdown. James will talk about the pressures of running a hospitality business in this time, but how he has also found that through adaption and diversification, his pub became a vital community asset.

Jill Taylor from Southview Lodges: Jill will reflect on the practicalities of managing her self catering business through three lockdowns. Alongside the ups and downs, openings, closures, and uncertainty, Jill has also realised the importance of taking time for her own wellbeing.

Sally Everton from Visit Devon: Sally has been at the forefront of both supporting Devon's hospitality and Tourism business owners through the pandemic, and representing their interests. Sally will speak about key themes, successes, and importantly, hope for the sector going forward.

This event is especially relevant to those in Devon's hospitality and tourism sector. It will also be of direct interest to those businesses that directly and indirectly support this sector, and farm businesses considering diversification. However all Devon based business owners or employees with managerial experience are likely to find this event of interest and are welcome to attend.

Part of the Listening Ear pilot project, delivered by Devon Communities Together and funded by Devon County Council.