£50 available for focus group participants

Published on 10th April 2024

Telehealth: Service user experiences

The University of Plymouth is working with Devon Communities Together to identify individuals with experience of Telehealth services to support the development of training and educational resources. We are looking for individuals across a range of populations who meet the following criteria:

  • Are over 18 (although the appointment could have been for a child).
  • Have experience of Telehealth either by video or telephone, with one of the following professional groups:
    - Physiotherapy
    - Occupational Therapy
    - Dietetics
    - Speech and Language Therapy
    - Podiatry
  • Are happy to share their experiences in a small group discussion
  • Are available to participate in one of our discussion groups across Devon on the following dates:

    -Totnes, The Royal Seven Stars Hotel: Wednesday 1st May. 13.00 – 15.00

    - Exmouth, All Saints Church, 2 Church Road EX8 1RZ: Wednesday 22nd May 13.00 - 15.00

  • £50 voucher on offer for each participant, plus up to £25 travel expenses
  • The group will be run by two Lecturers from the University of Plymouth.
  • The discussion will explore the individuals’ experiences of Telehealth, what has gone well or not so well and gather service user perspectives on Telehealth training needs for clinicians.
  • The discussion will be recorded to enable development of a visual animation of the findings. The animations will be subsequently shared with the participants.
  • The key findings identified in the groups and the animations will be used to support the development of training materials for Health Care Professionals.

    To take part or for more information, please contact: info@devoncommunities.org.uk or call 01392 248919.