A Place for Charities, Volunteers and People Seeking Support to Come Together in Devon

Published on 1st July 2020

South West Connected Community Maps - Putting People & Communities First

Many people are feeling isolated and are struggling to find the support they need, with too many clicks to get to information and often discovering that the information is out of date or incorrect. At the same time many charities and organisations are short of vital volunteers and will need support in the coming weeks and months.

In partnership with Devon Communities Together and Recovery Devon, award winning, social enterprise If Everyone Cares CIC (IEC), founded by Jaki King, has launched 7 Devon area-based connected community maps.

IEC developed the area-based maps, which are connected to its UK-wide platform,
aDoddle.org. Their aim is to work with charities, community groups and organisations to develop a resource that helps both potential volunteers and those who need support to discover local organisations. 

Jaki says “We had only planned to launch 12 area-based maps this year, one in each of the 12 UK regions. However, due to the current situation, we have decided to ‘fast-track’ their launch to help support people, organisations & communities. The maps are still in their infancy but will be here long after Covid19 and the many emergency directories are gone. All information is added by the charities and organisations themselves.”

  • Pin-point local charities, community projects/groups & resources  
  • Connect those who need help to those who provide it
  • Help anyone experiencing isolation to find local groups to connect with others
  • Signpost people who want to help - to projects that need their support
  • Enable charities to highlight their services and volunteering opportunities
  • Cleary show the age of information via a unique ‘Traffic Light’ system
  • Make it 'aDoddle' to find, connect, give, collaborate and support - FREE to use 24/7

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