Energy Savers Week 2024 - Tips and Resources

Published on 15th January 2024

We are supporting Energy Savers Week from Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust. Between the 15th to the 21st of January, they will be sharing posts and videos on their social media accounts that will be useful to anyone wanting to reduce their energy bills or wanting to share wisdom with others. Since Citizens Advice are supporting our Energy Outreach Project, we really recommend that you follow them along with our activities. 

In the spirit of their actions for this week, we'd like to share our own top tips and resources for saving energy from our own Energy Champions, Martin Rich and Anderson Jones.

Tips to Reduce Energy Usage 

Here are our ten tips for you to reduce your energy usage, either at home or at your community centre. You can use this however you wish, whether you want to share it to people online or print it out to post on a notice board.

Our Energy Champion, Anderson Jones, also has his own tips for how he saves energy in his home: 

Good News from Teign Valley Community Hall

teign valley community hall building

There are many village and community halls that aspire to have more energy efficient heating systems. One hall that took part in our audit, Teign Valley Community Hall, has achieved great things with support from the National Lottery Fund, from installing additional insulation to replacing their boilers with green heat sources

We are still conducting audits on village halls, and taking part could help identify improvements that could be made. If you or anyone you know helps to run a village hall, visit our site for how you can get energy efficiency advice:

Our new Winter Packs

We are very lucky to have received a grant of £7367 from the National Grid Community Fund to give away free Winter packs, filled with warm accessories, blankets, and other goodies perfect for the cold season. All of this is available to people who attend a 10 minute personal advice session from either of our Energy Champions at a 1-2-1 session, community presentation or meet and greet.

If you would like to book a 1-2-1 advice session, email,, or call 07984 001542 / 01392 248919.

Upcoming Energy Advice Events

We offer tailored energy efficiency presentations and drop-in events at venues such as community halls and libraries. If you would like to find out more information about attending or would like to book a presentation for your community space, email,, or call 07984 001542 / 01392 248919.

17th January, 11am-12:30pm

Free Energy Saving Drop-in Session at Exeter Community Centre: 

20th January, 10:30am-12pm

Free Energy Saving Presentation at North Molton Village Hall: 

23rd January, 7:30pm-9pm

Free Energy Saving Workshop at Morchard Bishop Memorial Hall: 

24th January

10am-12pm - Free Energy Saving Workshop at Sylvania Community Stores and Café: 

12:30pm-2pm – Free Energy Saving Drop-In Session at Riverside Christian Centre Café: 

30th January 6pm-7:30pm and 31st January 12pm-2pm

Free Energy Saving Drop-in Session at Littleham Leisure Centre: