Could you provide our new CRM?

Published on 29th July 2019

Devon Communities Together is inviting organisations to respond to our tender for a new CRM system. 

DCT requires a CRM system that can:

  1. act as a database for its diverse range of contacts, including individual members, community groups, project partners and representatives of national and international organisations
  2. increase integration and awareness between DCT staff about what projects other employees are working on in order to maximise DCT’s continuity of service
  3. be as easy to use and intuitive as possible
  4. comply with GDPR regulations

If you think you can meet our requirements, please download our scoping paper here and respond with initial proposals to Greg Davies, Operations Director by 23rd August 2019. This will be followed by an opportunity to present to a DCT Staff Panel for shortlisted providers between 9th and 11th September. A decision would be expected before the end of September with the intention to implement the chosen system in December 2019.