Community Emergency Planning Event for Torridge area

Published on 12th February 2021

Community Emergency Plans – pulling together to help one another.

Devon Communities Together (DCT) is part of the County’s resilience planning movement and provides guidance to local communities on a range of measures to improve their abilities to plan their futures and respond to events.

There is a complex structure of emergency planning but often it comes down to a local response to severe weather, local emergencies, a pandemic, and other events that threaten our wellbeing, homes and communities.

A Community Emergency Plan (CEP) is devised by local volunteers, following a template and identifies possible risks, how they might be mitigated, what resources are needed and how the community would manage an event.

There are times when a prepared group of volunteers, ‘first on the scene’, can reduce the impact of an event until professional help arrives; there are also circumstances where professional help can have too many calls or be delayed in reaching a location.

A CEP is held on a database that is used by the responding services to understand who the local contacts are and what resources are available. It is important that a plan is kept up-to-date.

free cep event for torridge

Our Torridge event is on: Thursday 25th February 7pm, by Zoom. You will hear short presentation about how you can begin to develop a CEP for your own community. 

For more details about this event please contact Janet Williams who will be able to send you the booking details: Phone: 01237 428857 Email: 

or visit

Should you be unable to make our event on the 25th February, we also have a similar event running on Thursday 4th March. This event will also be online, and is due to start at 6pm. For more information please contact Alex Miles at or 01271 388873.

How can DCT help you prepare a CEP?

  • We can provide someone to help your community understand how to plan, prepare and deliver measures to enhance and protect your community, its people, buildings, infrastructure and environment.
  • We can provide free guides, templates, examples and coaching.
  •  We also have a dedicated fund to support the preparation of a plan and equip local response teams which we will support you to apply for.

Click here for more information on how DCT can help your community to be more resilient, and follow the links for more detail on emergency plans:

For general enquiries about CEP please contact: Martin Rich

Phone: 07984 001542

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