Seated Vitality Chair Based Exercise - Train the Trainer

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Per person, the price is £85.87 (this includes the Eventbrite booking fee) 

Course Description

The Seated Vitality course is open to anyone who wishes to help others improve their movement. The course will introduce you to a variety of seated exercises alongside the training to deliver these exercises. Designed by Trish Warren, the course has left people ‘eager’ and ‘excited’ to teach people the exercises to improve strength, balance and mobility.

You might find that you want to help a friend, family member or patient. As the course will be aimed at helping less-able or older adults it is also ideal for anyone who works within the care home setting or supported living , enabling  you to help the participants to enjoy a more  independent and fulfilling lifestyle. The exercises can be enjoyed as a group, allowing people to become more interactive with others.

Delivering the Seated Vitality exercises can be highly beneficial; not just for movement. For example, there is a known, positive correlation between exercise and mental health and wellbeing. Engaging with someone to participate in the exercises can  enhance their self-esteem and confidence. As well as this, the exercises delivered by you can increase a person’s mobility, strength and balance and help with factors that older people face, such as the fear of falling.

If you know a group of people or an individual that would benefit from ‘Seated Vitality’ then please don’t hesitate to participate in this interactive course. You could be changing someone’s way of life for the better.

*Age UK Devon offers a comprehensive Seated Vitality Training Package for staff, volunteers and individuals who wish to engage with and support groups of people, or individuals, with compromised mobility to engage in chair based exercises.

aims and objectives

  • To understand the physical and psychological benefits of a Seated Vitality session for your client group
  • To plan a Seated Vitality session, including a health and safety risk assessments and client assessment To enhance communication skills with clients including those with physical, cognitive and sensory impairment
  • To understand the benefits of and effectively use record keeping and session evaluation
  • To become competent in facilitating a wide range of Seated Vitality exercises including the teaching of:
    • Warm up, cool down, mobility, stretching and resistance exercises
    • Thera band exercises – to meet the needs of people with physical, sensory and cognitive impairment by enhancing core body through strengthening muscles
    • Pelvic floor exercises – to assist with continence concerns
    • Sit to stand progressive exercises - to aid strength, balance, mobility, and confidence of clients
    • Postural balance exercises – to build strength and balance
    • Interactive knowledge quiz – to confirm knowledge and confidence

At the end of this course the participant will have a comprehensive understanding of all of the benefits of Seated Vitality and be confident to plan and deliver chair based exercises within a group session or on an individual basis.

about your tutor

Trish Warren, Active in Later Life Manager and Qualified Trainer

Trish is a qualified Fitness Instructor, ASA swimming coach, chair based exercise instructor and accredited Trainer (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) and has worked for Age UK Devon since 2008. Trish has delivered many training courses throughout Devon, including workshops and presentations in a comprehensive range of subjects.

With a vast amount of experience in the delivery of training, Trish is able to provide interactive and engaging training to suit different learning styles.



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