Devon's Community Chronicles

Favourite Devon memories from the past 60 years!

Over the summer of 2021, Devon Communities Together asked people from all over Devon (and beyond) about their favourite memory of Devon from the past 60 years. From their answers we have created Devon's Community Chronicles - a celebration of people and places in Devon* since 1961. 

Community Chronicle quotes

*Someone sneaked a Cornish memory in there too - see if you can spot it!

Use the map below to explore these memories!
  • Use the hand tool to move the map around and the +/- buttons to zoom in and out (zooming in will help uncover more memories where they are close together)
  • Click on the diamond icons to view the memories
  • Where you see the black and white film icons, discover a selection of videos we filmed at the 2021 Devon County Show!

If you'd like to add your own memories to the map, please use this link:

Please note: the photos used in the Community Chronicles map are not supplied by the contributors, they are Internet images and the original source/credit may be found in the text.