Project managing your community-led initiative - Cancelled

Course Category:
Social and Community Enterprise
, Community Development
, Business and Marketing Support


  • £28.89: Members of Devon Communities Together and Growing the Rural Church
  • £36.97: Charities, Community Groups or Parish and Town Councils that are not members of Devon Community Together
  • £69.31: Private Sector organisations and Statutory Local Authorities

Course description

This course is designed for local groups and individuals who are in an early stage of, or will be soon, project managing a community-led initiative.

Participants will learn a range of tools and approaches to project management and will have the opportunity to work through applying these to their own community project. This course will be especially useful for those in the early stages of planning a community-led project, but will be relevant for all community groups seeking to improve their project management skills.


If your church involved with Growing the Rural Church register your interest by emailing if not email,

*PLEASE NOTE. If you are part of a mission community involved in the Growing the Rural Church Project, please book the DCT members rate and ensure that you include the name of your parish and mission community when booking.

Growing the Rural Church






Dr. Louise MacAllister

Louise is a project manager at Devon Communities Together. She has a background in academic research and supporting local community groups to develop, implement, and analyse community engagement exercises.


By the end of the course you will;

  • understand the benefits of good project management for your community initiative
  • have clearly identified your project drivers, aims and objectives
  • understand the full range of stakeholders and their importance
  • be able to identify work streams for your project and design a Gantt chart to plan the project timeline
  • understand methods for project monitoring, continuous learning, and budget monitoring
  • have a clear understanding of your role as the project manager throughout the life of your project
  • recognise some common issues and how they can be avoided and resolved.


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