Online Marketing - How to drive traffic to your website.

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Social and Community Enterprise
, Business and Marketing Support



  • £37.90: Members of Devon Communities Together 
  • £48.56: Charities, Community Groups or Parish and Town Councils that are not members of Devon Community Together
  • £91.20: Private Sector organisations and Statutory Local Authorities


Course Description

Start building your online digital presence to attract more customers.

Whether you are trying to establish yourself as a brand or an expert in a particular field, certain fundamental guidelines are crucial to getting your customers to know, like and trust you.

 This workshop is perfect for you if you run a small business or charity and would like to learn about the fundamentals you should have in place to be successful online.

 During this workshop, we will cover:


  • Factors that influence online success
  • What online assets you should setup and why
  • How these online assets all work together
  • Where your online traffic will come from
  • How you can attract traffic
  • What you should do with traffic once it arrives
  • The most useful tools to help you speed up your growth online


Aims and objectives

You will be able to:


  1. Take away a step for step plan with resources that you can execute in your business or charity online.
  2. Understand the online customer journey and where you should be directing traffic.
  3. How Social Media fits into the online marketing strategy
  4. Know where your traffic comes from and what you should be doing with it.
  5. Understand what a landing page and a lead magnet is.
  6. Why email marketing is a crucial component to your online success.
  7. Understand the importance of on page and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  8. Tackle overwhelm and simplify the online marketing process
  9. Have access to all the slides after the presentation.

And much more…


Anthony Lovell de Souza

Anthony has run his own digital marketing agency helping over 700 businesses go online and expand their presence online.

Today he runs the Crowdfunding Academy where he helps projects raise funds using all the different online marketing strategies required to grow and engage crowds online. With lots of real world experience he continues to run workshops and use all the latest digital marketing strategies.

Anthony helps you understand the secret to how to move prospects through a process of getting to know, like and trust you so that they eventually buy from you.

He therefore helps you understand what it takes to makes this online marketing journey as effective as possible.



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