How to run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign - Cancelled

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Social and Community Enterprise
, Community Development
, Business and Marketing Support


  • £54.49: Members of Devon Communities Together and Growing the Rural Church
  • £76.05: Charities, Community Groups or Parish and Town Councils that are not members of Devon Community Together
  • £103.00: Private Sector organisations and Statutory Local Authorities

Course Description

Come and find out what crowdfunding is all about.

See how you can benefit from one of the five main types of crowdfunding.

Also get to grips with all the success factors you need to have in place BEFORE you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

We will cover:

  • different types of crowdfunding
  • crowdfunding platform examples
  • case studies
  • strategy
  • tools
  • benefits
  • downsides and future trends 

aims and objectives

Participants will know what they need to do in order to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Participants will understand:

  • If their idea is 'crowdfundable'
  • Which type of crowdfunding to use 
  • How much work is involved
  • What research to do before launching 
  • What are the best tools to use 
  • What strategy to follow before, during and after a campaign
  • What rewards to offer during a campaign
  • How to build out a campaign 
  • How to find and engage backers
  • Where to look for influencers
  • How to go about finding press coverage for your campaign
  • Post campaign fulfillment issues and much more...

About your tutor

Anthony Lovell de Souza 

For the last 6 years Anthony has helped hundreds of project creators with their crowdfunding campaigns.

He has delivered over 80 crowdfunding workshops across the UK and now also delivers them online.

He is founder of the Crowdfunding Mastery Academy, the Crowdfunding Playbook, the Crowdfunding Launch Lab and the Crowdfunding Focus Magazine.


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