Communicate EVEN better using Neuro-Linguistic

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course description 

Have you ever wished you could get your point across better?

Ever wanted to really motivate someone?

Or felt you needed to build better rapport to build a quick and fruitful relationship?

This 1/2 day training experience on Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help make the difference - between adequate and BRILLIANT communications.

 Using the skills and techniques of NLP, we will show you how to:

  • Build better rapport with people

  • Connect with people quickly and easily

  • Understand what makes and what breaks communication

  • Choose and use language that get people interested and hooked on your ideas - FAST!

Communicate EVEN better with NLP will help you unlock the secrets of great communication, to get the results YOU want.


This workshop will enable you to: 

  • Understand rapport and learn how to build it quickly

  • Understand what makes and breaks communication

  • Understand the importance of great communication – and start working towards it

  • Learn how to start influencing people – gently and ethically

  • Understand what words to use – and how to use them – to get the best effects.

  • Make conscious choices around communicating – even not-communicating IS communicating


Sue Haswell

Sue Haswell is a qualified and experienced trainer and business coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, mindfulness & stress management specialist and qualified facilitator. She set up her communications consultancy in 1997 and expanded this in 2011 with Big Results Training. Sue runs open and bespoke training courses in communicating confidently. She also coaches in communications and creativity.


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