Benefits Overview (2 half days)

Course Category: Benefits and Money Advice

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Who is this course for and how will it help?

Do you work with people who claim benefits, or might need to in the future? Have you witnessed them struggling with the system? Our expert trainer, Vincent Willson, will take you on an overview journey of the whole benefits system so you can better understand how it works and how you can help people to claim what they're entitled to. 


This online course is for people with little knowledge of the benefits system and those who need refresher training. It provides an overview of the current benefits and tax credits system and the way it is changing, including the introduction of Universal Credit.  It will give participants a better understanding of:

  • the financial help that is currently available to people in a wide range of circumstances;
  • the impact of recent and future changes to the system which will have a significant impact on all benefit claimants.


The course will enable participants to:

  • identify key conditions of entitlement to a range of individual benefits for people in different circumstances;
  • understand the basics of ‘means-testing’ and how disability related benefits may increase entitlement;
  • identify and access resources for identifying entitlement and making referrals.



Vincent has worked for the Citizens Advice service in Devon since 1985. As an experienced trainer, he has provided benefits training for many years to voluntary and statutory sector staff, covering all aspects of the benefits system from introductory courses to Tribunal Representation. He has been a benefits caseworker for most of his working life, having taken cases to the Upper Tribunal level. He has been providing benefits training for Citizens Advice Devon since 2017. He is the Chief Officer at Citizens Advice Teignbridge.

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