Assertiveness and confidence

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course description 

Have you ever: 

  • Lost your temper and regretted it afterwards?
  • Walked away from something and thought “why on earth didn’t I speak up”?
  • Agreed to do something because you didn’t know how to say NO”?

It can be tough to be assertive.  After all - we were brought up to be “good” children – you were probably taught all these things as a child: To listen, put others before you, don’t ask, don’t make a fuss, be quiet, fit in… and now, as an adult, you’re finding these behaviours just aren’t helping you.

If you were more assertive what would you like to do? 

How would that make your life different?

How would your work change? – perhaps you would be more in control of your time and resources?

Often being assertive means we need to unlearn numerous ingrained habits, and take on some brand new behaviours.  But precisely which behaviours? And how do we make the change?

This workshop is an experiential and engaging day of practical assertiveness. 

Together we unpick what it means to be assertive and confident, and you’ll be able to learn the tools and techniques that you can apply to your life and work NOW to help you get your needs met, and to get ahead in work and life. 


This jam-packed experiential morning covers the theory and practice of being assertive and confident.

You will learn:

  • The difference between assertiveness and aggression – and why nobody really likes anyone being submissive
  • How to manage stress – with practical techniques
  • The confidence and self-esteem cycle
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Making friends with saying “No” ( and some brilliant phrases you can use when put on the spot)
  • Connecting with your values
  • Understanding your strengths and how these can support your confidence

Come away with:

  • Greater  understanding of you and your communication styles
  • A toolbox of practical techniques to help you be more assertive I different situations
  • How to deal with criticism and negative self-talk
  • A brand new outlook on valuing yourself, being more assertive and LOVING it!


Sue Haswell

Sue Haswell is a qualified and experienced trainer and business coach, NLP Trainer, mindfulness & stress management specialist and qualified facilitator. She set up her communications consultancy in 1997 and expanded this in 2011 with Big Results Training. Sue runs open and bespoke training courses in communicating confidently. She also coaches in communications and creativity.


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