Devon Oil Collective

Devon Oil Collective - Syndicate PRICE Confirmation 1st November 2019

For those members who placed an order with this month's syndicate, Affinity have now placed the order which will be delivered by Watson Fuels at a price of 0.4515 ppl ex VAT.  

Those members ordering a premium fuel the order will be delivered by Watsons Fuels at 0.4915. 

All orders should be delivered by 5pm Tuesday 19th November. 

The average online price on the day was 0.4696 ppl ex VAT, which means this syndicate's price makes an minimum saving of £18.10 on 1000lts.

We encourage the formation of local oil buying groups to combine their orders, negotiate a good price and reduce ‘tanker-miles’. Oil clubs are a real help to those who do not want to ring around to find the best oil price. Clubs keep suppliers on their toes and encourage them to price competitively. They can look after the more vulnerable members of their communities.

To compliment local clubs we run a County wide purchasing scheme. We have a monthly ordering deadline and we entrust the negotiation of purchase rates to a specialist buyer. Therefore, if you do not have a local club, or if you need to top-up outside of your club’s cycle, this could be the service for you.

This scheme is part of our efforts to reduce fuel poverty in Devon. There is a modest membership fee of £24 for households. We also have membership arrangements for community organisations and small businesses.

We also encourage people to set up a local ‘collective’ to place joint orders. We offer free membership to local co-ordinators of three or more households.

The scheme runs in conjunction with a large agricultural co-operative that uses its considerable purchasing power to obtain good prices from both national and local suppliers. AF Affinity Limited run similar schemes for a number of our ‘sister’ organisations.  Once you have paid your membership to us, you are listed with Affinity and you can place your order directly with them.

Affinity offer a savings scheme to help you spread the cost of your oil. More info.

In addition, you will have access to Affinity’s preferential prices for a range of household and other items.


Please click here to apply to the Devon Oil Collective.