Wild About Devon – Community Wildlife Grant Scheme 2024

5th June 2024 - 1st October 2024

The Wild About Devon grant scheme 2024 is coming soon.  

What IS the project about?

The aim of this grant scheme is to provide an easy way for community groups to access small amounts of funding to start a wildlife group or carry out activities that promote wildlife. Funds can be used for advice, equipment and other resources. 

progress to date

We have received 113 applications from all over Devon and awarded almost 40 grants to a total of £10,000. 

We will publish a mid-project report in August and the final report, when all of the projects are complete, will be published in December.

To keep in touch with the project's progress and find out about future funding opportunities join the Wild About Devon Facebook discussion group 

last year's ACHIEVEMENTS

In 2022, grant funding of £5,000 was awarded to 27 Community Wildlife Groups in Devon. Outcomes include:

  • A total of 204,006.65 square meters of land protected or restored. This included wet and dry meadow & woodland and land used to create ponds.
  • A total number of 420 people within communities across Devon engaged in the projects. 
Examples of projects wE FUNDED
  • Restoration of neglected habitats such as hedges, grassland or woodland.
  • Creation of new wildlife areas including ponds, wildflower meadows, hedges and woodlands, especially in places which help connect existing wildlife areas.
  • Creation of a new wildlife group.
  • Enhancement of community gardens, churchyards and other public spaces.
  • Purchase of tools, materials, training, or safety equipment.
  • Purchase of monitoring equipment for species recording and education.
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Peer network
Join the WAD Community Action for Wildlife Group to access varied information and opportunities. 
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