200 Club Cash Prize Draw

Why not join the 200 club and support Devon Senior Voice?

The monthly draw which first started in May 2016, has already raised nearly £1300 to support the continuation of the Devon Senior Voice.

We invite you to join the Devon Communities Together 200 Club. This gives you the opportunity to support the charity with a minimum of effort and a chance of winning a monthly prize. Club members can pay £12 per year / £6 for 6 months to be entered into a monthly draw for prizes. The draw will take place on the first Wednesday of each month and the winners will be contacted by Letter with their prize. At least 50% of the 100 Club's income will be paid out as prizes. Membership payment may be made by cheque, BACS or Standing Order Yearly or 6 Monthly.

We do appreciate that you must receive many requests for charitable donations. Why not share a membership with family or friends, or better still, buy more than one membership as a syndicate and increase your chances of winning? For the equivalent of just £1 per month you will be entered into a monthly draw with the chance to win cash prizes. Each month, 3 lucky winners will be drawn receiving approximately £25, £12.50 and £12.50 respectively (prizes will vary depending on the number of members and may be higher or lower than the stated amounts). All funds not paid out in prizes will go directly to the Devon Senior Voice Network.

To download a 200 club application form please click here or alternatively contact Huw at Devon Communities Together via email DSV@devoncommunities.org.uk or phone 01392 248919

August 2020 Winners:

£25 Margaret Coles 

£13 JB Vaughan

£13 Christopher Irwin

July 2020 Winners:

£25 K Crawford

£12.50 Margaret Coles

£12.50 K Crawford

June 2020 Winners:

£25 P M Regardsoe

£13 Lily Smith

£13 Margaret Coles

May 2020 Winners:

£22 P M Houston

£11 Christopher Rich

£11 W J Jones

April 2020 Winners:

£24 Roy Morse

£12 Ann McClements

£12 Lily Smith

March 2020 Winners:

£25 Eileen Hooper

£12.50 F & WM Taylor

£12.50 P.M Regardsoe

February 2020 Winners:

£26 Margaret Coles

£13 JJH Dickson

£13 Leslie Burston

January 2020 Winners:

£24 Ronald Starnes

£12 Jose Kimber

£12 Margaret Coles

November 2019 Winners:

£27       B Fletcher

£13.50  F Canning

£13.50  I Kimber

October 2019 Winners:

£27       D Evans

£13.50  J Kimber

£13.50  S Salmond

September 2019 Winners:

£26 K Crawford

£13 C Kirwin

£13 M Steer

August 2019 Winners:

£26 A McClements

£13 F Canning

£13 U M Robertson