Enterprise Support

In rural areas, gaps in services often create an opportunity for communities to develop a business to provide a vital service and also contribute to local society. Devon Communities Together provides advice, support and training to help such rural and social enterprises, e.g. community businesses, shops and community pubs, to start up and grow.

Devon Social Enterprise Network

Who is this service for?

We are here to help any person or group in Devon that is interested in setting up a community service, facility or rural or social enterprise.

Your enterprise may be a concept and you don’t know where to begin or a facility that needs support in order to fulfil its potential.

For advice and support please call Dawn Eckhart.
Email dawn@devoncommunities.org.uk or call 01392 248919 ext*7170.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people's life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the businesses or the local community.

A community enterprise is more specific in that it is based in, and provides benefits to a particular local neighbourhood.  A community enterprise is owned and managed by members of that community.  It is an organisation run by a community as well as for a community.

Many communities in Devon have used this approach to maintain local services and our Enterprise Team has supported the development of community shops, post offices and pubs. We work closely with as The Plunkett Foundation.

How we can help you

We will help you start, grow and develop in a successful and sustainable way with:

  • Mentoring
  • Funding advice
  • Training
  • Project planning
  • Information and guidance
  • Public consultation
  • Research
  • Consultancy