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Our CPD accredited e-learning courses cover a wide range of topics around health, social care, equality and diversity. We're working with an award-winning and trusted training provider with over 10 years' experience of providing engaging, informative and clearly explained e-learning materials in a flexible format for learners. These courses, priced from just £20, will enable you to learn in a time-frame and environment that suits you. Each course is designed to enhance your skills, either for training or other educational purposes.

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Autism Training and Awareness Course - buy online 
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

Many of us have a poor understanding of autism and what it actually means for both the individual and those who work and live with them. With over 2.8m people affected by autism in the UK can you afford not to have a deeper understanding?

Care Act - Assessment and Eligibility
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)                                                                        What is the Care Act 2014? It sets out local authorities’ duties in assessing people’s needs and eligibility for publicly funded support and care. Assessment and eligibility form a crucial part of this, which this course will support you with.

Care Act - Care and Support Planning - buy online  
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
The Care Act 2016 updates the Care Act 2014, which was introduced to ensure a person-centred approach to care planning as a legal requirement for local authorities. An awareness of the principles of the Care Act is crucial for you if you’re working in any role in health and social care.

Care Act - Charging and Financial Assessment - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
The new Care Act assessment framework has been designed to make charging fairer and more clearly understood by everyone. Understanding it properly is essential if you work with people in need of care.

Care Act - Deferred Payments - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
Deferring payment can help people to delay the need to sell their home and provide peace of mind during a time that can be challenging. This course covers all you need to know about this process.

Care Act - Direct Payments - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
Local authorities have a duty to inform the person which, if any, of their needs may be met by a direct payment and provide appropriate information and advice on how to use and manage direct payments.

Care Act - Information and Advice - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
Information is everything. If you’re working to enable people, carers and families to take control of their care and support; and make well-informed choices about it, having the right information available is crucial.

Care Act - Integration, Cooperation and Partnerships - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
Integration has been a cornerstone of public policy, particularly across health and social care for many years.

Care Act - Introduction and Overview - buy online 
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
This course provides an comprehensive introduction to, and an overview of, part one of the Care Act 2014 guidance. It’s designed to help you understand and implement the Act if you’re involved in care and support services.

Care Act - Independent Advocacy - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
This e-learning course covers all of the key points surrounding Independent Advocacy, providing learners with a sound knowledge of the topic.

Care Act - Personal Budgets - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 
Everyone whose needs are met by the local authority, whether those needs are eligible, or if the authority has chosen to meet other needs, must receive a personal budget as part of the care and support plan, or support plan. Learn more about this complex topic.

Care Act - Review of Care and Support Plans - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
Learn about the different reviews and care and support plans with this short, informative course.

Care Act - Transition to Adulthood - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
This course is ideal for you if you’re a practitioner directly involved in the planning for and support of young people, including those with special educational needs (SEN) and complex needs – as well as their carers.

Care Act - Full Training Suite - buy online
£120 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
2014’s Care Act legislation saw a number of previous laws replaced with one, clearer, more comprehensive act. Receive the full training suite including all our Care Act short courses. 

Cultural Awareness in Safeguarding - buy online 
£30 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
Develop your knowledge of cultural issues within safeguarding with this comprehensive e-learning bundle.

Data Protection - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
This engaging online course will increase your understanding of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR, which set the rules for handling personal information.

Dementia Awareness - buy online
£25 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
This online dementia awareness course is designed to deliver a good, easily digestible awareness of dementia, its causes, symptoms, and how it affects those who live with the condition.

Equality and Diversity - buy online
£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)
Diversity training in the workplace can help companies and employees understand and better support individuals from any ethnic group, of any age and with any disability, gender, sexual identification or any other protected characteristic.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 - BUY ONLINE

£25 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This course will outline the principles and purpose of the UK Freedom of Information Act. It will outline the key terminology and help you get a clear understanding of what information can be requested and in which circumstances a request can be challenged.

Hate Crime - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount) 

This short, three-module course will provide you with an overview of what is a hate crime, what a hate incident is and how prevalent they are.

Information Security - BUY ONLINE

£25 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This security awareness training course demonstrates the importance of keeping data secure and lays out the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of information and cyber security. It also provides guidance as to what to do if you believe information you hold might be at risk.

Information Sharing and Consent - for People working with Children - BUY ONLINE

£25 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This four-module online course covers a variety of topics.  We will ask: what is information sharing; when should you share information, what does the law say about its sharing, why is understanding information sharing so important and what is confidentiality in health and social care.

Managing Teams - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This course demonstrates areas where managers can step up and provides practical advice on how to do this. Both established and new managers will learn how to delegate better and how to motivate their team to achieve greater things.

Making Every Contact Count - Loneliness and Isolation - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This Loneliness and Isolation course is for anyone who comes into contact with people who might be lonely or isolated.

Multi-Agency Working - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

If you’re working in a role that routinely demands multi-agency working, then this course will provide informative, useful guidance that will make your work easier.

Personal Safety - Lone Worker - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This short lone working procedure course identifies who would be classed as a ‘lone worker’ and explores the risks of lone working and what can be done to reduce these risks.

Safeguarding Awareness - BUY ONLINE

£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This safeguarding awareness course explores the key principles of safeguarding in four easily digestible modules. After you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to better recognise the signs of child and adult abuse as well as understand your role in reporting and preventing abuse of children and adults alike.

Stress in the Workplace

£30 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This course explains the sources of stress and our body’s responses to it – emotional, behavioural and physical – and equips you with strategies for how to manage stress at work.


£20 (use DCT15 for a 15% discount)

This course provides practical ways to ensure your wellbeing in the workplace – even if you’re feeling besieged right now. We give you the tools to build your resilience and deal with conflicting situations more easily when they come up in future.